First Time at Indoor Playground

We had a break from Aaric’s swimming classes two Saturdays ago and decided make use of the chance to bring him to an indoor playground.

I’ve been reading up on the playgrounds’ reviews, hoping to find one at a reasonable price and suitable for young babies. In the end I thought The Petite Park at City Square Mall would be good, as reviewed in Bumble Bee Mum.

First impression, It was surprisingly small. We reached at slightly before 12 noon. Paid $21 for three of us to enter the playground for two hours. There was a bar counter at the entrance for parents who do not want to enter and some seats at the side inside the area for guests to rest and put their bags. No shoes allowed and all who enter must wear socks, which is a good hygiene practise.

We first let Aaric down and hoped he would get interested in something and head over to play on his own, but he seemed overwhelmed by the amount of items and stimulations and just sat on the spot. So we decided to bring him to the toys and let him try out.

22 Aug 2015 At The Petite Park

First thing he tried was a little car. He seems to like it, but unable to ride it on his own well yet.

22 Aug 2015 At The Petite Park

First time in a ball pit! Aaric loves balls, but not able to get a hang out how to move about in this massive amount of little balls. 

22 Aug 2015 At The Petite Park

Balloon room. We guess this was his favourite place. He got to stay in it alone for quite a while, before a little girl came in and kept trying to get into his space. The girl’s older brother came in later on and we had to pull Aaric out before they step over him.

There was slides at the ball pit but we don’t think Aaric was old enough to play it. He wasn’t keen on the little horses merry-go-round or the bouncy castle either.

Slight after 12, a lot more children came in, including quite a number of many older children at 5 to 6 years old. We were quite shocked when all these older children started running around and jumping in and out of the ball pits and places without care of other children. Parents obviously went off for their own shopping and relax time.

Since the place was small, three to four screaming, running children made it very cramp and unsafe, along with the toys and equipment around. Aaric became a little unnerved and we tried to move him to the quiet play area, with all the pretend play toys.

22 Aug 2015 At The Petite Park

Aaric doesn’t really know how to play these yet really. Most of the time he was trying to tear up the items.

22 Aug 2015 At The Petite Park

Another of his favourite, the crawl tunnel. But the place was really too small, the crawl tunnel was squashed with the train tables and other play pretend toys. We only let him have a few rounds with it.

After a while, the noise level and amount of movement really got too much for the baby and he refused to play anymore and wanted cuddling. We took him to the side and rested for a while. While daddy went for a toilet break, and I saw that he has calmed down a bit. I took him to the ball pit again, as there was only a mummy with a young child in it. Found a balloon for him and he seemed happy enough to play for a while longer.

Then came the rowdy children who started throwing things into the ball pit. :(

22 Aug 2015 At The Petite Park

Balloons become his new love.

We left without utilizing the full two hours, as it was really getting impossible to let Aaric play freely without having other children step over him or knock into him. Decide that it would be better if he is older.

It is quite disappointing as we did not expect the place to have many older children entering. Maybe the management should look into setting age limit since they do not have different sections.

Friend highly recommended Hokey Pokey at Seletar Mall… which is pretty far for us, but will go to try one day.

Lots of love,

SG50 Jubilee Weekend

Be it going overseas or staying in Singapore, I guess all of us celebrated the long weekend holiday in some way.

On Friday, we have decided to go to the park. Since his diagnose, the doctor has prescribed Aaric with lots of outdoors and preferably go to the seaside, so we make it a point to try to bring him to the parks every week. Although I very much liked to join in the activities and fun at the Marina Barrage and Botanical Gardens, I was quite worried of the crowd, thus we stuck to our plan of going to Labrador Park.

Labrador Park was a good choice as the weather was great! This park was one of our favourite hangout place when I was a kid, as my father would frequent the park to fish. He would bring me along, and I would lay in his hammock and read all day. Never did pick up the fishing hobby though.

2015 Jubilee Weekend

Heading towards the far end that used to be part of a naval base.

2015 Jubilee Weekend

Saw some fishermen at work and a leisure yacht went by

2015 Jubilee Weekend

Acting cool (in actual fact, he dislike the sunglasses)

2015 Jubilee WeekendThe little one having his breakfast of buttered bread.

On Saturday, we decided to brave the crowd and joined the Singaporeans to “chiong” the free entry to ArtScience Museum. Having wanting to visit exhibit The Deep for a long time, but couldn’t find a right chance and time to visit. With the information given by friends who visited on Friday, we decided to reach Marina Bay Sands as early as we could and was there at 9.30am.

The queue was exploding, and we saw some staff carrying signages that stated the waiting time is four hours. Since we had a baby with us, we reluctantly decided not to join the wait and was walking off to the MRT. Along the way we found that the signages were deployed to areas further away, which the queue was not yet till the 4 hour mark! Quickly made our way back to join the queue.

When ArtScience Museum opened at 10am, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves within the compound (as the queue was formed and waiting in MBS mall) to get the tickets within half an hour. There was queue for entry to The Deep and Dreamworks, but both moved relatively fast. We managed to finish viewing all exhibit within 2 hours. including queuing. But I couldn’t say the same for those who came later!

2015 Jubilee Weekend

My mum joined us for this outing. It’s the first time she has been to ArtScience Museum!

2015 Jubilee Weekend

Some exhibits at The Deep. We didn’t stay long as Aaric was frightened by the exhibits and atmosphere.

2015 Jubilee Weekend

The more cheerful stuff at Dreamworks’ exhibition. Love the characterization of animals!

2015 Jubilee Weekend

The most impressive exhibit I felt. It’s a combination of physical items and projection, showing the thought processes and storyboarding process of making an animation.

2015 Jubilee Weekend

The dorky parents.

2015 Jubilee Weekend

The Singapore Stories, SG50 exhibition. It’s a whole floor full of collections of Singapore’s historic records.

After the visit, we headed to Bugis for a quick lunch before heading down to National Library to take a look at the Lego exhibition. Unfortunately, Aaric was tired by then and had fell asleep. Nope, he was not introduced to Lego yet.

2015 Jubilee Weekend

The Parliament House, during Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s state funeral.

2015 Jubilee Weekend

Singapore’s business district. It’s really nicely detailed.

2015 Jubilee Weekend

My personal favourite, the public buses! 

2015 Jubilee Weekend

The playgrounds that I’ve never been before.

On National Day itself, we were invited by Aaric’s Infantcare to attend the District National Day Observance Ceremony. So decked in red and white, we went down to the hardcourt opposite the MRT station to join a crowd of seniors and students. Half the morning was spent trying to make the number “50″ with the crowd, and by the time it was done Aaric was restless and we decided to leave so he won’t be disturbing the others and we could grab breakfast.

2015 Jubilee Weekend

The event tickets which we never used, since it’s tough to queue and squeeze with people with a baby.

2015 Jubilee Weekend 

At the hardcourt, there’s a lot of seniors participating in this, all seated waiting for ceremony to start.

2015 Jubilee Weekend

The boys decked in red. 

More photos at 2015 Jubilee Weekend

Unfortunately, our television decided to break down just a few days before and ended up we didn’t get to watch the parade even though I’ve wanted to, as a colleague of mine was performing in the parade. I managed to catch a few clips of the performance online later on.

Hopefully we could participate in more things next time when Aaric is older.

Lots of Love,

The Struggle with Respiratory Issues

In late May this year, Aaric was diagnosed with Broncolitis by the doctor at the family clinic near our place, after having stuffy nose for awhile which proceed to cough. We had to administer nebulization for a week and oral medicine until his cough clears.

But the cough persisted and we brought him in to KKH A&E two weeks later when he started panting and wheezing. Had an x-ray done and a nebulization in the hospital before the doctor gave us a clear to go home, stating his lungs were clear and we just have to wait for the cough to die out itself.

So the cough persisted and we ended up going to A&E two more times. Both times the doctors said he was alright and highly likely having a sensitive system just like his father. Third time to A&E was because he vomited in his sleep and again when we wanted to give medicine. He had a suction done, clearing out thick and sticky mucus from his system at the hospital but still they were unable to give us a more concrete diagnose and cure.

I made an appointment with his Paed at KKH, hoping to be able to referred to a more specialised doctor in ENT or Respiratory but the Paed told us they are not able to do any concrete diagnose (for asthma or allergy) until he is two years old. We were told to treat his case by the symptoms and take care to keep away from too much dust or common allergens.

Last Tuesday, after the weekend we sent him in A&E for the third time (and did suction), he woke up coughing violently and panting. I was so tired of going A&E to see the doctors to get no useful solutions, I went online to search for a Paed in the West that might be recommended. So I found Dr Heng from Jurong East Kidslink Clinic and we decided to head down.

Our first visit, Dr Heng found that some phelgm had entered Aaric’s lungs. He scolded us for not administering Salbutamol which KKH gave us but told us administer only when needed (when there’s wheezing), which we didn’t gave because he was not wheezing. We were given a few more medicine on top of what we have from KKH and was told it was most likely not infection. He also told us Aaric has eczema, just by some little spots on his body (which we thought were scratches).

On Saturday early morning, again we were woken up with Aaric’s violent coughs and fever. Trooped down to Dr Heng’s clinic again and he had us administer nebulization for Aaric at the clinic, to determine if he was having an infection or an asthmatic attack. Aaric reacted fast to the medicine and it meant it was an asthmatic attack. Dr Heng diagnosed Aaric as asthmatic, based on the reactions, signs and medical history (father has eczema and sensitive nose) and we have to start him on the inhaler.

Although he hates using the instrument, Aaric reacts pretty well to the inhaler. After so many months of worrying and pointless trips to A&E, actually we are relieved to finally have a conclusion to what’s going on with our little one and having some medication that works. We also see improvement in his sleep, despite still having coughing fits in the cool times of the wee-hours, his sleep seems deeper and breathing better.

Yes, I do feel sad to learn that my child has a medical issue, but he is still otherwise healthy and whole, active and cheerful. To me I want him to still grow up like a normal kid, do everything and anything other healthy kids can do. We would do our best to help him grow out of the asthmatic symptoms and become a healthy adult.

And the best medicine is lots of outdoors with the nature and sun. Guess that’s where a lot of our weekends gonna be for the comings years.

wpid-wp-1438580062090.jpegFirst time feeling sand at the sandpit in the park. We hope he will love the great outdoors!

Get better and healthier, my little bug!

Lots of Love,


Swim with Konfidence

This is not an advertorial. I’m simply sharing my pleasant experience with the local distributor of Konfidence.

And I’m finally trying out the wordpress app on my phone! :)

After much consideration and some research, we have decided to sign Aaric up for swimming classes with Happy Fish Swim School and was told by the staff from the swim school that it would be better to get baby a thermal swimwear.

Looking at the conventional thermal swimwear for kids, we were worried Aaric will out grow it very fast as he is growing taller everyday. So I went to read up more online and came up with 2 recommended brands that carry baby swimwear which can be opened into a flat piece and put together with velcro: Splash About Baby Wrap and Konfidence Babywarma.

On top of the swimwear, we need to get swimming nappies. Disposable swimming nappies are going for like $16 plus for 12 pieces and I was already thinking of getting a reusable swimming nappies when Aaric’s infantcare asked us to provide for their water activity in school, but had put off the idea as Aaric is currently growing out of M size fast into L size. Then, I have my eye on Konfidence Swim Nappy for it being able to fit all sizes.

Frankly I prefer the cute designs for Splash About Baby Wrap but Konfidence has a Babywarma Littlestar Swim Premium bundle that comes with the nappy, sunscreen and bath lotion. After much deliberation and budgeting, we decided we will get the bundle.

One thing about Konfidence is it doesn’t have the measurements of the Babywarma on the website. The sizing goes by age group but Aaric is taller than his peers and actually wearing 12 – 18 months baby’s clothings. I’m worried he will grow out of the 6 – 12 months size too fast, but the 12 – 24 months size will be too big (if thermal suit is too big, it will not keep the baby warm in water). So I wrote in and Fionna from Konfidence kindly served me.

Fionna provided me with the measurements and gave me advice when I told her my dilemma. When we finally confirm what we would get and went on the website to order, the design we want went out of stock! I really didn’t want to get a plain suit for Aaric, eventhough I’m much a practical person, this time round I really wish to have something cute. So I wrote in to Fionna again to check if she would be restocking soon. I was pleasantly surprised when she made the effort to check the warehouse and dug out a box of the design and size we want!

The order was done and I was told to wait for a registered mail from Singpost. Unexpectedly, Fionna made the delivery herself the next day as she was in the area! We were lucky I happened to be home this whole week as Aaric is sick and the Paed advised that he should stay home to be fully recovered before going back to infantcare.

So we had fun opening the box of goodies.

wpid-wp-1435070560463.jpegwpid-wp-1435070567087.jpegEverything was neatly packed in a big box. I also ordered a sun protection set that contains a baby sunscreen for face and a pair of baby sunglasses. Fionna also gave us some sample bath lotions and a small neoprene pouch.

The material of the swimwear and swim nappy is very good and comfortable to touch. Have yet to try out the bath lotions and sunscreen, I do hope they would be alright for Aaric’s sensitive skin!
wpid-wp-1435070572624.jpegGetting the little one to model the sunglasses. Will take some time for him to get used to it. He started grabbing it off after a minute or so. Haha

wpid-wp-1435070668353.jpegTest wearing the swimwear over his clothes. It’s a snug fit, hopefully it would still have space for him to grow into.

Overall, it was a really pleasant shopping experience. I haven’t had once such nice online shopping experience for a long time. I think Konfidence is a good brand if you are looking for swimwear for kids. I believe the items are being carried by some Mothercare shops, but you might be able to find a better deal on the website itself.

Aaric’s swimming classes is starting in July. Hope he will be well by then. Will update again on our water adventures then!

Lots of Love,

Staycation at D’Kranji Farm Resort and a Mini Farm Tour

It’s been awhile. I’m sorry for the lack of updates. I can’t say I’m too busy, just procrastinating a lot with this blogging business. Anyway, Andrew and I just went on a little staycation at D’Kranji Farm Resort to celebration our 7th wedding anniversary. It’s a pretty long time being together, 15 years of companionship since dating. :)

Celebrating our anniversary with a... tiny lamppost. :p #familyDating with our personal tiny lampost

We made our way out of the house at mid morning, to catch the Kranji Farm Express Bus at Kranji MRT station. Bringing with us our very personalised tiny lamppost (dearest baby Aaric, since we’ve got no babysitting in the middle of the week)

The day didn’t start out quite right as it rained in the morning and continued to stay humid and cloudy. As we had to follow the bus schedule (about an hour frequency) and there’s no other way to get around, we had planned to only covered a few farms and had to lug our barangs with us.

First stop was to Jurong Frog Farm. It was quiet, I guess due to it was lunch time when we reached and that they had just finished a session with some school children. We were allowed to walk around freely, so we just walked around, looked at tadpoles, frogs and some koi. Not too exciting.

Anniversary Staycation

Had planned to visit Kin Yan Agrotech next, but thought we might not be able to go into the mushroom farm and end up just shopping for shrooms and cactus. Also the place is not on the route of the bus, thus decided to go to Bollywood Veggies instead. Now this is a place we want to visit again (and again)! Firstly it was bustling with life. The farm land was well maintained and dotted with many quirky signboards. We had a wonderful lunch at Poison Ivy, the cafe at Bollywood Veggies. It’s a pity they are only selling their fresh produce on Sundays, we were not able to grab anything for our meals at home for the next few days.

Anniversary Staycation

Anniversary Staycation

Anniversary StaycationLove the quirky signages at the Bollywood Veggies farm!

Anniversary StaycationLunch at Poison Ivy. We ordered the Warriors’ Platter for 2 and the curry was wonderful! Love the chicken wings too. This makes us want to return for more even if the place is inaccessible.

Bollywood Veggies is just next to D’Kranji Farm Resort so we decided to walk over instead of waiting for the bus. Luckily the weather held up for us until we reached the place. It started pouring the moment we stepped into our little cottage

Bought a groupon deal for the stay in this resort. Frankly I would not pay the full price to stay there. Firstly, I must say I was a little put off by their limited hospitality. I’ve emailed to ask if they could provide an extra mattress or baby cot, as we were bringing Aaric along, but they couldn’t. We could not leave any baggages with them before check-in too, as it was a drive-thru check-in counter. In the end we bought an inflatable mattress (which wasn’t used and we let baby sleep with us on the bed) and had to lug everything with us around the farms.

The room was disappointingly small, and there was no bathtub (I love my bathtubs!), but otherwise everything was relatively pleasant. The room was clean, though I had to shake a few strands of hair out of the towels. They could have provided floor mats in the bathroom though, as we ended up stepping around with wet feet after baths.

Anniversary Staycation

Anniversary StaycationEach villa/cottage has its private car porch. You can drive in and park your car and even close the gate! 

Anniversary StaycationLittle one approves bed!

Anniversary StaycationThe shower is open-air. Funny thing is we can hear the next door couple bantering with each other… haha

Anniversary StaycationThe veranda was a nice touch, but unfortunately it was a wet day and there’s mosquitoes. We didn’t spend any time there.

We spent the rainy afternoon indoor, catching up with some sleep before heading out for dinner. Had wanted very much to try the Airwheel at the rental shop in the resort but it was closed. I was very disappointed as it was mentioned in the resort memo it is opened until 9.30pm.

Dinner at the seafood restaurant was good. As there was only 2 of us, we ordered only the chef recommended homemade tofu and the famous butter prawns. Both were really good, tasteful but not too heavy.

Anniversary StaycationAnniversary Staycation
Dinner was really good and satisfying. Andrew and I love the mini fried mantou, which is pretty rare to get now. :D

Tried watching tv in the night but there wasn’t any good shows. The resort only have local channels and reception wasn’t very clear. We didn’t want to hang out at the veranda too, for fear of mosquitoes. However, I still ended up being mosquitoes feed throughout the night, as the bathroom was open-air. I’m only glad they didn’t attack Aaric. :(

Anniversary StaycationBoys in the morning, still trying to sleep in.

We had a complimentary breakfast at the resort cafe before heading to our last stop, Hay Dairies Farm. Again it was quiet, we went around the farm once, visiting the goats and went out to take the public bus along Lim Chu Kang road home, ending our little getaway.

Anniversary StaycationSimply toast, sausages and eggs for breakfast.

Anniversary Staycation

Anniversary StaycationVisiting goats!

Overall it was a nice trip and having to spend time together. Staying at home would have meant us busying with chores or poking at our computers. But I would only visit Kranji farms again only during the weekends next time, when there’s more activities.

Lots of Love,